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Criminal Behavior Research Guide

Is there a way to prevent or reduce crimes? Whether it’s a robbery, theft, murder or kidnapping, it’s difficult to pinpoint why some people commit crimes. Are criminals born or bred? Sociologists and criminologists believe that a study into criminal behavior can help to answer some of these questions. Here’s a guide to criminal behavior.

Nature vs. Nurture

Criminal Psychology

  • SPCP: Homepage of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology with its own journal, and other information.
  • Criminal Psychology: Online version of the definitive book by Hans Gross.
  • Criminal Profiling: Discusses the myth and reality of criminal profiling.
  • Eyewitness Identification: A research laboratory in the University of Texas at El Paso that focuses on improving eyewitness accounts in creating the profile of criminals.
  • Ethics: Outlines the ethics for forensic psychiatry practice.
  • “Sherlock Holmes of the Couch”: Many part article about Dr. James A. Brussel, who provided a profile of the Mad Bomber of New York, helping the police to nab him.
  • Criminal Profiling: Research center with information on profiling types, case analysis, legal issues, literature, and more.
  • Pragmatic Solutions: In-depth study into the development of offender profiling to achieve a more pragmatic model.
  • Problems & Prospects: Explores the problems and prospects of criminal profiling.
  • Typological Offender Profiling: Looks at typological profiling as opposed to geographic profiling of offenders.
  • Criminal Investigative Psychology: An overview of the subject.

Other Criminal Behavior Theories